About the Russell Books Family

Four generations of the Russell Books Family! Pictured from left: Chad Depol, Andrea Minter (with the newest 'edition' of the family - baby Jasper), and Diana Depol, daughter of Reg Russell (the gentleman in the framed photo).


Russell Books first started in Montreal in 1961. It began as a 300 square foot, one aisle, used bookstore and gradually grew into the biggest used, antiquarian and remainder bookstore in Montreal. In 1991 Reg Russell, founder of Russell Books, helped open a Victoria branch with his daughter Diana and her husband Ron DePol at 734 Fort Street, where it is today. Ron and Diana are now the owners of Russell Books Ltd. while their daughter Andrea, together with her husband Jordan, manage the company. In 2005 Russell Books expanded into another space, Books on View - a division of Russell Books, at 702 View Street, (under the Sayward Building at the corner of Douglas Street).


We are so thankful to be a part of the book-loving community here in Victoria!